Former Coca-Cola Chairman Embraces “Organic” Business Model

Former Coca-Cola Chairman Embraces “Organic” Business Model

September 28th, 2009 // 10:01 pm @

The well-respected, former Chairman of Coca-Cola, Neville Isdell, recently addressed the need to change the world’s current corporate business model. It’s refreshing to see leaders who are beginning to recognize that the “industrial” model used for most of the past century is not sustainable going forward. Isdell calls it “Connected Capitalism” and Bill Gates has used the term “Creative Capitalism”. Specifically, Isdell makes a great point when he says, “Companies must connect the bottom line of their businesses with their social conscience. Their philanthropic aims must match their core business and the values of their employees.” Of course, this is the primary tenet of an Organic Enterprise.

We can expect to see large businesses struggle with this transition over the coming decades. Isdell says, “Global challenges are too big and complex for governments, activists or businesses to tackle on their own. The interaction on social issues between government and non-governmental bodies with business, can no longer be adversarial.” Simply making a market land-grab by moving to new countries, growing by Wall Street driven M&A, lobbying the government and directing resources toward anti-competitive barriers to entry, simply cannot create a viable organization. True “organic” growth can only come from learning, innovation, and investment in aligned, mutually-beneficial relationships with employees and customers. We have to move from a Corporation to Co-operation.

Here’s a link to the article: Isdell on the “New” Capitalism

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