Recent Examples of The Organic Enterprise

Recent Examples of The Organic Enterprise

October 11th, 2011 // 1:39 pm @

After focusing on client projects for the past year, I’ve had some time over the past week to do a bit more reading and ran across some interesting articles that help make the case for The Organic Enterprise:

1. The Death of Steve Jobs. While listening to the conversation that Marc Benioff (the CEO of and Eric Schmidt (Chairman of Google) had during the 2011 DreamForce Conference, Eric mentioned that he thought Steve might have been the greatest CEO in our generation. That’s high praise indeed, and is evidenced by the ongoing conversation about his Apple legacy since his death last week. Most of the articles I’ve read involve his genius for innovation which is rightfully deserved. However, one article that struck me was about how he tapped into a vein of “secular hope” that our society often places in technology. Whether you agree with Steve’s approach or not, it’s hard to deny the power of purpose and hope in a person’s life.

2. Wendy Lea wrote an article in Forbes about the difference between trying to use social media in your business versus actually re-organizing your business around social media. What she has seen is that some “traditional” business leaders try to use Social tools just like another marketing channel “…but incorporating social into a business has to be a philosophical shift in how the company approaches customers and employees. Social enterprises look less like machines and more like organisms.”

3. Finally, Dan Arielly did a short video about how “new labor models” like the one Google uses to allow their employees to take some of their time to work on personal projects and how that can stimulate innovation. Interestingly, taking some time away from pure execution work to spend on other ideas can actually improve productivity.

Each of these articles shed light on some of the changes organizations will need to embrace to become more purposeful and agile in the new economy.

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