“Companies, like any species, are organic entities whose survival requires carving out a territory within a dynamic ecosystem.” – Megan Santosus

Agile organizations, like any living system or organism, must be designed and structured to adapt to a dynamic environment. The Organic Enterprise develops purposeful, self-managing, collaborative systems that are constantly learning, growing, and adapting to the needs of all stakeholders in the customer value stream. Using a variety of tools, applications, and partners, our services facilitate the synergistic genius of the organization by giving structure and visibility to complex interactions thereby enabling and inspiring each member to take part in a sublime whole.

As technology and globalization has expanded the capacity in our society, we are presented with a new set of challenges: though we have more data at our disposal than ever before, we often understand less; though we have more ways to connect, we feel less connected; though we have more options, decisions are more difficult; though we produce more, we are less satisfied. The increasing rate of change and complexity often overwhelms our ability to function effectively as managers, leaders and just plain human beings. 

Managers often site the following as challenges they face:

  • We have too many systems and our business is too complex to manage effectively
  • I don’t know what my customers want
  • Our employees aren’t engaged and we’re losing good people
  • I’m not getting accurate, meaningful or timely information
  • We aren’t growing
  • We aren’t innovating
  • Our products are becoming commodities
  • Our customers aren’t happy with us
  • We are constantly fighting fires and using quick fix solutions

 The Organic Enterprise is a best-practice concept that uses natural, universal, and timeless principles to help organizations find ways to solve issues that impair their ability to perform at an optimal level in a dynamic environment. These living, learning, models are based on Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) theories or what we call Viable Organic Systems:

Vi·a·ble, · capable of living, growing, and developing · practical; workable.

Or·gan·ic, · characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms ·  · characterized by the systematic arrangement of parts; organized; systematic · of or pertaining to the constitution or structure of a thing · growing and developing in the manner of living organisms .

Sys·tem, · an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole · a set of correlated members any formulated, regular, or special method or plan of procedure. 

The Organic Enterprise is a viable, systematic, organization of people, processes, partners and resources aligned around a common, collective, purpose. These systems are based on demonstrated principles found in the biological, physical, and social sciences and organized around the methodology of  X-PLUS.

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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Albert Einstein

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