The Organic Enterprise is focused on practice areas designed to support any client seeking to develop an organizational structure that can adapt to constantly changing interactions with customers, employees and any other partner along the value chain. These services are proven, practical methods that strengthen collaboration and facilitate innovation. They give the necessary structure to the organizational purpose, and therefore determine function. All service offerings will be customized to meet the needs of each client.

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Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

CRM systems were designed to improve the visibility into your customer relationships and facilitate more effective sales efforts, but too often they only automate the pre-existing dysfunction. We can help you design a customized sales process for your customers’ buying process and operationalize it within your CRM platform. You will empower your sales people with actionable knowledge and help them focus on what their next step should be to close more profitable deals. 


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Innovation Management Systems

You can use Innovation Management Systems to more fully engage your internal/external customers and improve performance. Similar to how a CRM system works, an Innovation Management System is designed to automate and guide idea generation through an opportunity pipeline. Using group brainstorming techniques or directed campaigns, ideas are generated and then qualified for further development in a structured, easy to use software program that helps you effectively generate and prioritize ideas from your customers, employees and partners.


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Agile Team Facilitation and Collaboration Systems

 Lean Agile/Scrum is a team-based, iterative framework for developing and managing any work-product or deliverable. It allows teams to self-organize and self-manage to deliver measured functionality at each iteration of the workflow process thus providing the agility needed to respond to rapidly changing requirements.


Services Title 04

Six Sigma Process Control & Improvement

Complexity is driven by constant change and variation and Lean Six Sigma provides us with the practical tools to not only make sense of variation, but actually design our organization and processes to be capable of discerning between what is significant and what is just noise. We can use these tools to help our clients begin to make sense of their data and learn how to create a data-driven infrastructure that can help them make better decisions faster.


Services Title 05

Organizational Leadership & Development

To be viable, every organization must have a purpose, and to get the most out of your people (your greatest asset) you need to tap into their universal desire to have meaning and to make a difference. We can help you re-align your organization to help create a culture of service as the ultimate leadership model.


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