Innovation Management Systems

The Organic Enterprise is about how your organizational structure determines its function – even in a constantly changing environment. Because even a purposeful, focused organization must be able to handle complex and dynamic requirements, there has to be a mechanism for qualifying and prioritizing relevant information.

One of the characteristics of living systems are the inherent controls and queuing systems designed to enhance process capability and adjust to constant variations and changing priorities. Not unlike a Triage system, these processes are essential for effectively sorting, establishing order, and pre-determining priorities. The Organic Enterprise specializes in 2 of the most important queuing systems for an innovative, adaptable, organization – Customer Relationship Management Systems and Innovation Management Systems.

Innovation Management Systems

An agile, adaptable, organization must have the ability to constantly react and adjust to both it’s internal and external environment. Yet, most organizations rarely, if ever, attempt to use their greatest potential for new and innovative ideas – its customers and its employees. An Innovation Management System can help you reap the benefits of an essential free source of ideas while also allowing your customers and employees to make a difference in the future of the organization.

IM systems are similar to CRM systems in how they can help automate the conversion of opportunities into either effeciencies or new revenue. Often, ideas are never solicited, and when they are, they may be the result of a random survey or traditional “suggestion box” approach from which the orginial idea owner or customer never gets feedback. Research shows that an idea that is never responded to can actually be worse than not soliciting the idea in the first place.

A better way is to facilitate organized sessions that help stimulate targeted idea generation. Then, pre-established criteria help filter the ideas and provide on-going feedback and interactionwith the entire community. This gives everyone the ability to participate and actually see how they can find better ways to serve the organization.

The most successful implementations of IM systems involve making it easy, fun and rewarding to be a part of the process:

  1. Take the time to explain to everyone how the process works and train them to use the software.
  2. Kick the process off with a targeted campaign or problem you would like to solve.
  3. Always provide feedback for every single idea and communicate where the idea is located in the approval process – even if it was decided not to act on it further.
  4. Integrate the IM system into your organizational Intranet or CRM system.
  5. Provide rewards for ideas that get approved AND for the ones submitted. Even better, award funding to the best ideas and allow the idea owner to take part in its implementation.

By considering these factors and demonstrating a committment to innovation IM can invigorate an entire organization and enable it to actually learn from its own customers and partners. 

The Organic Enterprise specializes in implementing several proven and easy to use IM platforms through our partnerships.

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